And hard smile

‎02-05-2016 16:07

And hard smile

No one will be doomed, unfortunately, you will never be more unfortunate than others. Do not cry because no shoes, look at those who had no feet! Never imagine themselves into the most useless people, you really become the most unfortunate people.

A lot of people feel alive tired, very happy. In fact, happy or not only depends on your attitude. Then a heavy burden, smiled and also pick, crying pick. Then ring true life, smile which stays later, is victory.

Joy and sorrow, is a natural human emotion. Born child needs to eat a laugh, hungry cry - nothing troubles and worries, and therefore the children are always very happy.

Every day, you can live very happy, very happy. If you choose happiness. Then you will be able to be happy. If you choose depressed, Chaplin can not make you happy. Happy or unhappy to you to decide, not the behavior of others. So, with your new to decide what you choose to be happy or unhappy.

Enrich life, decadent life, why not choose to enrich it? Happiness is life, sad life, why not choose to be happy? If you want happiness, you have a sincere desire for happiness. Happy or not depends entirely on your state of mind. You want to be happy and you can at any time be happy, no one can block got you.

Many of the problems of the world from their minds, the pain and sorrow of the world is also true. Want to change the world is difficult to change their thinking, more easily. From another angle, a brighter future in life. Happy, too, that all depends on your attitude.