Exercises For Better Golf Scores


Exercises For Better Golf Scores

Just as with other sports, it is not only your technique that wins the game, but also your physical condition. Getting in shape, toning muscles, stretching and warming up, will all come together to help improve your golf score.


Begin your golfing warm up by rotating the joints in your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Also loosen up the joints in your ankles, knees, and hips. Then rotate your NFL Shop head in a gentle clockwise position; reverse and rotate it in a counter clockwise position.

Start stretching slowly. When you first begin don't stretch to you maximum limit but work up to it instead. Hold the stretch for several seconds and continue this slowly and smoothly until you reach your maximum extension.

Stand up straight and stretch out your arms above your head and rotate the forearms, followed by wrist rotations, and flexing of the finger joints. Now Wholesale Jerseys rotate the entire arm. Do your right arm, then your left, then do them both at the same time. Reverse the direction of the rotation and repeat.

Bend your elbows and clasp your hands above your head. Use your right hand and pull your body towards the right, then switch and pull your body to the left with your left hand. This gives your latissimus Nfl Jerseys Wholesale dorsi a good stretch.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend front to back and side to side in gentle controlled motions keeping the angle of your bend shallow so you don't strain your lower back.

Warming up

Get your muscles warmed up, increase the blood flow and increase your heart rate with a little aerobic activity. Start with a brisk walk and according to your condition, work up to a gentle jog or run in place for a few minutes.

Low impact exercises

Do a few internal hip rotations by sitting on a chair and keeping your knees pointed straight ahead. Now rotate your ankes outward while not moving your knees.

Maintain the same position. Cross your left ankle over your right and keep your thighs and your knees pointed straight. Hold this position for one second. Repeat this exercise reversing ankles.

Warm up your hamstrings by extending your left leg with knee straight on a NFL Online low bench. Keeping a straight back and chin up, slowly stretch toward your toes. Hold this position for two seconds, then switch legs and Cheap jerseys .