Giving up on love is a kind of love


Giving up on love is a kind of love

A lonely hedgehog often came to the river for a walk alone. Willow gently swaying in the breeze, catkins numerous drift down, this time, the young hedgehog will stop and, looking at the reflection of the water willow, looking at the plants own shadow, silently trance.

A fish quietly swam, swam to the hearts of the hedgehog, crumple plants dream.

"Why you always so melancholy?" The fish quietly asked hedgehog.

"I melancholy?" The hedgehog smiled gently.

The fish gently watching Hedgehog, gently said: "Let me warm your heart."

God, fish and hedgehogs in love!

God said, have you seen the fish and hedgehogs love?

Hedgehog said: "I want the body of the thorn a root unplug, I do not want to sting you when we embrace."

Fish said: "Do not, ah, how I wanna see you which drops of blood trickled down? That blood drips out from my heart."

Hedgehog said: "Because I love you love is without reason."

Fish said: "But, you unplug the thorn not you and I just want to give you happy ......"

Hedgehog said: "I prefer a little bit as you tear up their own ..."

Hedgehog in a little bit of pulling their quills, each pulling are burst gripping pain, pain in the heart of the fish. Fish eager and hedgehog for a soulful embracing it to vault into the sky again and again, each time jump to every dream, every dream is broken to pieces, every pain.

Fish God said: "How can I have legs, I went to the side of love?"

God says: "My child, please forgive my inability, because you had no feet."

Fish said: "Do I love wrong?"

God says: "Love is never wrong."

Fish said: "How do I do to give my love to happiness?"

God said: "Turn around!"

Fish decided to walk, and in the vast waters shiny fish scales gradually disappear in the eyes of the hedgehog.

Hedgehog said: "God, fish tears?" God said: "The tears of the fish in the water."

God, ah, what is love?

God says: love sometimes need to learn to give up.

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