How Bad Luck Created A Cooking Star


How Bad Luck Created A Cooking Star

I was an expert bread maker but had never really done else besides bread. So, one Christmas Eve a few years ago I decided to bake a German Chocolate Cake. I had always wanted to try my hand at baking a cake and this was the perfect opportunity.

Since I live New Orleans Saints in good sized city with a Wal-Mart Super Center and Costcos within five minutes of my house, I knew that any ingredient needed could be easily found. But for this recipe, I decided to try the local market.

It is only after a few times of making a recipe do I get more creative with the recipes ingredients. The next time I'll get even more creative. For this recipe I needed a combination of milk chocolate and bittersweet chocolate and unfortunately both were out of stock at the local mart. I knew they would have been Cheap Raiders Jerseys easily found at the mega superstores, but I didn't want to fight traffic getting there. I trusted my Cheap Dolphins Jerseys intuition and chose two different kinds of chocolate.

As soon as I put the cake in the oven some friends stopped by to chat. Because I was busy talking, I left the cake in a little to long. The snow capped mountains of Puebla, Mexico were right outside the front door. The oven had seen better days; the temperature inside Cheap Rams Jerseys was probably not as hot as the thermostat indicated. Due to the combination of these factors, the cake needed to stay in the oven longer than the recipe recommended.

The milk chocolate I used was too runny. The icing kept falling off of the cake. The icing kept falling off the cake faster than I could put it on. I was running late, asking myself out loud why I had to do this today, of all days. My guest had pulled up to the house. As a final ditch attempt I put the cake in the freezer and hoped for the best.

To my amazement the cake was perfect once it got out of the freezer. I could not have planned a better tasting cake. No one will forget that special evening. I am always asked to make that cake again, but I haven't done it yet. I know it could never be the same. As long as I leave it that way, none of us will ever forget the German Chocolate Cake that almost wasn't.