Just One Kiss Princess Tiana Doll Is The Best Gift Suggestion For Girls In 2009


Just One Kiss Princess Tiana Doll Is The Best Gift Suggestion For Girls In 2009

Perhaps the most impressive doll this holiday season is the Just One Kiss Princess Tiana Doll. This new doll signals a hallmark event as it is the first African American Princess by Disney? Packers jerseys cheap . Girls will enjoy playing with this doll even without this historical impact.There are a number of reasons why this doll should do really well by this Christmas.

1. Ground breaking doll.

The Just One Kiss Princess Tiana Doll is a truly new departure allowing a person of color to be a feature character in a Disney movie and take on the role of a Disney princess. The arrival of this new doll could not come at a better time and provides another great role model for people. Giants jerseys cheap The Disney? Princess Tiana Doll is sure to be a favorite with many girls this Christmas.

2. Plenty of great features in this one.
Girls will really like playing with this doll. Princess Tiana has a good-looking blue dress that looks elegant and stylish which is further bolstered by firefly lights which can be turned onto to give the dress even more beauty. The new Disney? Princess Tiana Doll will be a sight to see with the firefly lights on or off. The Princess Tiana Doll also comes with a frog which is actually a prince. Princess Tiana and the frog will be played with for hours by plenty of girls this year.

3. Elegance and style in this new doll.

The Princess Tiana Doll will be the center of attention in any room she is placed. Parents will love the fact that this doll is not too big or too heavy making it safer for the children to play with and not take up too much space either. Since this one also weighs a mere 4 ounces, girls will have no difficulty taking this one with them regardless of where they are going.

4. Once the movie comes out, everyone Jets jerseys cheap will want one.

The Princess and The Frog? is the new movie that will come out in December. It's main character is Princess Tiana. By Christmas Day, there may be no popular present for girls. One caveat to Moms and Dads is that you cannot wait until the release of The Princess and The Frog? to buy this product. Since it comes out only a few weeks before Christmas, it will make it extremely difficult to secure a copy for cheap Bears jerseys your child. We strongly recommend you order your copy now or long before the movie release to make sure you will have a doll for your daughter.
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